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Meet Avail

And say hello to Intelligent Health

Avail is a data analysis engine that suggests personalized lifestyle changes to improve your physical and mental well-being.

The platform decodes how a person's daily life and behaviours impact their energy, sustainability, and vitality. It is grounded in clinical science, is simple to use, and requires minimal effort to help you become a healthier version of yourself.

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Let Avail get to know you through a series of scientifically validated questionnaires and other life data, like wearables, to understand your state, performance and recovery.


Our data engine combines and analyzes your life data sources to define patterns in overall physical and mental status.

Connect with Care

Avail will provide you with actionable insights, recommendations and content from world leading experts to help you perform better and become a healthier you.

Creating a Clearer Picture of your Health

User Score

Avail Score

The Avail Score combines your responses to scientifically validated questionnaires along with other life data sources, like wearables, to give you a simple snapshot of your current physical and mental well-being.

Your Avail Score is also ranked using a Health Status to help you understand how you are performing when compared to a the general healthy population.

Health Insights

Insights & Advice

We combine the latest in behavioural science and data analytics to help you get a clear picture of your health by breaking our insights down into easy to understand categories.

Learn how your daily life affects your health, and discover how you can become a healthier you.
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How to Meditate
Written by Dr. Myles Dalton C.D.
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Injury Prevention
Written by Dr. Ayla Andrus N.D.
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Optimize Clarity
Written by Chris Li, Ph.D(IPR)

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Data is far more valuable when it's actionable and that's why we provide tailored articles, videos, and audio clips with any health recommendation or insight we make within the platform. All of our articles are curated and produced by leading healthcare professionals to ensure that you will achieve your health goals.



It's easy for groups of people - such as sports teams, classmates and departments to share their Avail Score and Health Status with other members.

Group owners can quickly identify individuals at risk, review their specific insights, optimize care programs and track recovery.


Security & Compliance

With an industry-leading, HIPAA compliant infrastructure built on Amazon Web Services, we use the latest data encryption technologies to ensure your data is always secure. In addition, you can control who has access to your data through our intuitive data permission settings.

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