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We believe data has a powerful story to tell, but is not inherently valuable on its own. Only when you can make it actionable does it have the power to transform lives.
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We're shaping the future of health

We started Logit AI to empower people to live healthier lives by providing actionable health and wellness insights through the use of big data.

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Data is what drives us

It's why we are building what we call an "Intelligent Health" platform; an entirely new approach to visualize, understand, collaborate on and improve your performance and wellbeing.

It's in our DNA

At the heart of Logit AI is our data analysis engine that gets to know you using scientifically validated questionnaires, wearables and other life data. It helps you visualize how your daily life impacts your body and how your behaviours lead to overall physical and mental wellbeing.

From this foundation, the platform decodes and analyzes your data to give you actionable health and wellness insights and accurately forecast precursors to burnout, injury, illness, and other ailments.

Meet the Team

Smart is just the beginning. We are real people with a passion and purpose. We want to shape the future of health. We're also some of the most hard working, interesting, talented, and inspiring people around. We’ve accomplished a lot so far - but it’s only just the beginning.

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Ronen Benin

Co-Founder & CEO

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Dan Benin

Co-Founder & COO

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Jamie Evans

Co-Founder & CTO

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Gordon Evans

Co-Founder & CPO

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Jason McFadden

Chief Growth Officer

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Steve Rimmer

Marketing Manager

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Dr. Cristiano Aguiar

Data Science Lead

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Chris Li, PHD

Scientific Researcher

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Rowell Cruz

Head of Engineering

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Minh Cao

Business Analyst

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Dr. Myles Dalton

Content Manager

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Ayla Andrus

Content Manager

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Bruce Benin

Chief Happiness Officer

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Based in Toronto’s King West neighbourhood, we're a thriving venture making our dent in the universe with a life-changing, intelligent health platform.

Like all great challenges, we can’t do it by ourselves. As we grow, we're searching for smart and ambitious engineers, data scientists, designers, number crunchers and misfits to join our pursuit to help people achieve lifelong wellbeing

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Our Advisors

We are grateful to have an advisory team full of people we admire, who challenge the status quo, and inspire us to do the best work of our lives.

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Peter Biro

Chair of Advisory Board, B.A, M.A, LLB, B.C.L

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Jay Rosenzweig

B.A, LL.B, B.C.L

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Isaac Olowolafe Jr


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Xiao-Ping Zhang


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Ted Hastings


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Brain Bulcke


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Dr. Greg Wells


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